Fusionex Solo Technology Company To Host China Entrepreneur Club

Globally known and highly acclaimed, Fusionex brings technology solutions and innovations to many Fortune 500 businesses that it works with. It has clients in the United States, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

Currently, one of the most successful and fastest-growing IT companies in its region. It is the only ASEAN-based company that effectively commercialized Big Data Analytics. Based in Malaysia, they have hosted a business visit from the China Entrepreneur Club and presented their technology offerings to the delegates in the hopes of fostering a relationship with them. As a big name in the information and technology field, let us take a closer look at Fusionex and their specializations.

  • Big Data Analytics

It lets you rationalize, scrutinize, and discover real-time insights within your data. With a bulk of data, some would have gone unnoticed when it could provide answers to your questions and solutions to stressful situations. Data is everywhere, and it used to be a complicated programming language until Big Data Analytics came into the picture.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Fusionex believes that an AI solution can provide ideas, suggest what is the best thing to do, and can take automatic response or action. It makes you mindful of what is going on in your company. It alerts you to both opportunities and risks. It provides analytics for target marketing campaigns and when is the best time to carry out promotions. This Artificial Intelligence is more efficient and can determine the best solution, so you have more time on the essentials of your business.

  • E-Commerce

Fusionex provides solutions for E-Commerce when it comes to customer engagement. It helps grow your business organically and create brand loyalty by offering accessibility and brings your business from offline to online.

  • Cloud

Fusionex designed this to process and analyze data. It has flexibility and can run either short or long term. Their Cloud solution uses advanced and world-class encryption and data protection to give clients confidence and peace of mind.

  • Trade Facilitation

It makes use of trade processes to save on costs and ramp up effectively. It opens access to global markets.

Fusionex demonstrated their products to the China Entrepreneur Club during their visit and was applauded for it. CEC was looking forward to innovative collaborations and closer ties with the company and Malaysia. In his speech, Ma Weihua, former China Merchants Bank President, said that businesses should start adapting these technologies to thrive in the future.