Safety Tips for Your Fireplaces

Fireplaces can make your home look extra cozy and classy, and it’s always a perfect fixture to have. But before you use your fireplace, make sure to take note of the following safety tips to keep your home safe from unnecessary fire.

Keep Your Window Open – Whether you’ll light your fireplace for a few minutes or the whole day, don’t forget to open the window beside the fire. This allows for smoke to be released, especially if you don’t have a chimney, or to put out small particles carrying flames.

Open Your Damper Flue – Lighting your fireplace and opening the damper flue go together. Stockport fireplaces have damper flue to draw all the smoke out from the house, and it helps with managing the flames. Please don’t close the damper flue immediately, and only close it once all the embers have stopped burning.

Clean Out Your Ashes Regularly – Every time you use your fireplace, make sure to clean out the ashes immediately. By leaving a thick layer of ash on your fireplaces, the air supply of your logs is restricted, and it produces more smoke inside your home. 

Have an Annual Fireplace Check-Up – Fireplaces should always be checked by professionals, at least once a year. Only then will you be able to know if the chimney or the materials used for your fireplace are still structurally sound. You’ll also be able to know if any portion needs replacing for safety reasons.

Clear the Area Around Your Fireplace – The cardinal rule in using a fireplace is to make sure that there are no flammable items nearby. This includes things like paper, books, drapes, and even furniture. If any of these items get caught in fire, it could spread and affect items near it.

Stockport fireplaces not only make a good mood setter at home, but it also serves the purpose of warming all homes. Make sure to observe all the safety tips we’ve given you and maximize the use of your fireplace. As long as you follow these safety tips, you can rest peacefully without worrying about fire hazards.